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Industrial ventilation - Tertiary ventilation

Double stage / same rotation direction
Joint of 2 fans with the same rotation direction, each fan giving a pressure, the addition of these pressures is around 1.5 times higher than of one fan alone.
Double stage / contra-rotation
When the second impeller of a set of 2 fans has a reverse rotation direction than the first, the set is said to have contra-rotation and the total pressure given by the set is then around 2.3 times higher than of one fan alone.

  • Diameter of wheel / impeller : 1000 to 1400mm
  • Flow : 0 to 100000m3/h
  • Pressure : de 0 à 200mmWG
  • Temperature : 40°C maximum.
    Others on request

Use : Ventilation, air conditioning equipment, ventilation of industrial premises.