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CENTRIFUGAL FAN Type VPR SOC Horizontal low blowing 270°, horizontal High blowing 90°, vertical High blowing 0°C
Industrial ventilation - Tertiary ventilation

Single inlet centrifugal fan with a backward curved impeller out of Epoxy painting steel, belt driven, bearings out of airflow, mounted on base, motor on base, casing out of galvanized steel.

  • Diameter of wheel / impeller : 250 to 1000mm
  • Flow : 0 to 40000m3/h
  • Pressure : de 0 à 150mmWG
  • Temperature : 80°C maximum in standard range, 100°C with high temperature seal.
    300°C maximum with cooling wheel.

Use : Compact fans for installation or ventilation devices, boilers, furnaces, heat tunnels, heating and air-conditioning.