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Smokes and hot gas exhausters - Tertiary ventilation

Smokes centrifugal exhauster, thick continuous welded housing with an inline inlet-outlet air flow, direct driven forward curved blades wheel buy a speed adjustable motor.
Its installation is usually a peak directly in parallel on the conduit.

The construction of this device allowing the natural draft, it can be stopped once past the important smoke initially, or when the temperature of the duct is sufficient.
The smoke extractor EFC is produced in large welded sheet metal, protected by a painting aluminum high temperature.

  • Diameter of wheel / impeller : 133 to 275mm
  • Flow : 300 to 1800m3/h
  • Pressure : de 0 à 20mmWG
  • Temperature : 250°C maxi (300°C on request).

Use : The smoke extractor is specially designed for open fireplaces, wood-fire units, barbecues, community kitchens, for by-pass installation.